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Autumn and Winter Trends 2020

Tue 22nd Sep, 2020

Find the perfect interior door for your home renovation. A look at 2020's autumn and winter interior trends and the quality LPD internal doors and accessories we believe will help you to match this seasons on trend colours and styles. 

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Invite the outside in with folding & sliding doors

Thu 31st Jan, 2019

Bringing the outdoors in, with folding and sliding doors, is a home improvement trend that’s taken the property market by storm. Whether they’re sought after to flood a living space with light, to frame a fabulous view of the garden - or a bit of both - homeowners show no signs of tiring of their statement style.

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How to create your perfect door pair

Thu 20th Dec, 2018

Open plan living is becoming more and more popular. However for some people, it’s still important to be able to create ‘zones’ within a space – especially in busy family homes. Double doors are a great way to enjoy the best of both worlds. You can choose whether to have one or both open, or to close off an area. With glazed doors to let maximum light through, or solid doors when privacy is a consideration.

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How to care for your external door

Fri 14th Dec, 2018

A new exterior door is an investment that can enhance the look, the security and the insulation of a property. But whether you choose GRP or timber, how you treat your door makes all the difference to its lifespan. Here are our top ten points to consider:

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How To Fit An Internal Door

Tue 27th Nov, 2018

If you’re changing the doors in your home, you can look forward to the space around you having a fresh new look. So once you’ve measured up (see our How To Guide if you’ve not done that step yet) and chosen the width of door that you need, it’s time to think about hanging it

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How To Measure up for a new internal door

Tue 20th Nov, 2018

Hanging new doors in your home isn’t a job you do everyday, and it may sound like a tricky DIY task. But with a few key pointers, you can get the measurements just right, ensuring you have well fitted doors. So whether you’re giving your home a fresh look – with contemporary oak, cost-effective laminate or white throughout – or replacing an existing door, our How To guide is here to help.

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